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Hey there, small business owners! Let’s talk about something crucial for any business’s success: the sales funnel. It might sound like marketing jargon, but understanding your sales funnel can affect how you approach your sales and marketing strategy.
Unlocking Success: Setting the Foundation of Your Digital Strategy
In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, digital strategies hold the key to unlocking success with limitless opportunities. As customers lean on digital platforms for their shopping needs businesses must continuously adapt and innovate to stay relevant and on top of trends. Digital strategies can include a wide range of ...
Online Merchandising Guide: 8 Strategies To Implement Today
Retail merchandising techniques like these help you attract customers and sell more to them. What we want to know is: have you put as much thought into your online merchandising strategy?
20 Steps to Increase your Valentine's Day Sales
Since the day of hearts is upon us, we thought it’s high time to remind merchants about the things they can do to spread the love. You don’t have to be in the flowers or gifts industry to show your V-Day spirit.
Five Ways to Find New Customers
Moving forward with your business means experimenting with new strategies to grow. With that in mind, business development — identifying new customer bases and building relationships — should be a top priority. To help you out, we’ve put together five ideas for finding new customers to grow your business.
How to Create a Killer Marketing Strategy
Marketing is about more than increasing sales: It’s also about establishing relationships and building your brand. While word-of-mouth is a tried and trusted way to attract new customers, getting your business noticed by potential clients often requires more than a good product, great service and positive reviews. A killer marketing ...
How to Build an Amazing IGTV Strategy (According to Instagram!)
Want to build an amazing IGTV strategy for your business? Video is the future of Instagram and a ton of brands are now creating long-form video content for IGTV to drive real business results. IGTV is super-immersive, and (recently) really well connected to Instagram so it’s easy to align your ...
Platforms Like Visme Are Democratizing Design For Small Businesses Everywhere
See how you can quickly and easily create beautiful Presentations, Infographics and other visual formats.
7 Tips for Reposting Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content
Why is UGC so valuable? 75% of consumers rely on social media to help them with buying decisions, so sharing real reviews & real content from your own customers can help you make sales & increase loyalty. 🥰
Receive a 12-Month Marketing Plan in Less Than 10 Minutes With the Help of This Free Generator
To succeed in the fast-paced, marketing world, you have to stay ahead of the game.

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