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March forward with modern security!
More than half of Canadian businesses who reported a cyberattack suffered 23 hours of downtime. 30 percent faced recovery costs & 10 percent lost revenue. Read on.
Cybersecurity for your business webinar
Data security is a major threat to businesses of all sizes and breaches can amount to huge losses. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the risks your business faces and learn what steps to take to protect yourself & your customers from cybercrime
ICYMI in March: here’s what happened in G Suite
In March, we announced a slew of security updates to Google Cloud, including enhancements to G Suite. In a nutshell, G Suite companies can now use advanced configurations to help fend off phishing scams.
Securing Your Data And Your Business
Keeping your customers’ personal information secure is critical in earning and keeping their trust, and protecting your business from a costly data breach. Don’t repeat the mistakes too many businesses make.
Protecting Your Business From Fraud
Accepting card payments is safe, simple and secure. While some fraudsters may try to take advantage of small businesses because they think they are easier targets, you can protect yourself with prevention, prediction, detection and resolution.
10 Things Small Businesses Should Do Immediately to Protect Their Websites from Cyber Attack
Cyber attacks have become a common ongoing issue for small businesses. Entrepreneurs need to be proactive. Here are 10 things small businesses should do immediately to protect their websites from a cyberattack.

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